At Sandra Heath and Associates, we believe in providing unmatched service. Our policy is to conduct every transaction with integrity. That means making an investment in our employees, advertising only authentic job openings and filling only the job orders we know will be successful.

Sandy Heath

Sandy Heath

Owner and President

Sandy wears many hats and wears them well. A Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the Employment Industry, Sandy has chosen to champion the unemployed and the under-employed by coaching, marketing and “promoting” committed job seekers to achieve their true potential.

On any given day, she may help applicants fine tune their interviewing techniques or edit their resumes, and reassure and refocus the recently unemployed. Our “dispensary” stocks virtual, and on occasion, real job-search pain relievers.

Hiring professionals turn to Sandy for assistance in finding the employee with that combination of the right skill level (easy to ascertain) and the personality to fit their corporate culture (more difficult – requires time, experience and finely tuned intuition).

In addition to being an active member in a number of community and professional organizations, Sandy’s commitment to her clients and her employees has been recognized by numerous awards and certifications.

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Mary Hill, Sandra Heath and Associates

Mary Hill

Office Manager

Mary personifies professionalism at its best.Her genuine warmth and inherent desire to help others puts even the most anxious applicants at ease.

She’s also responsible for documenting the details of each personnel file, administering employee benefits, skills assessment evaluations, and the list goes on… and on.

In her “spare” time, she keeps everyone’s schedules on track and works with applicants to upgrade their skill levels. Mary’s extensive experience as both an Executive Assistant and a Staffing Coordinator for a national agency greatly enhances the smooth operation of all our office functions. The words “not my job” just aren’t in her vocabulary.

Hilde Lugert, Sandra Heath and Associates

Hilde Lugert

Consultant, Special Projects

Hilde gets our message to companies and potential candidates, by producing marketing materials, contributing to our quarterly newsletter, and by attending industry related events and seminars.

Her experience in virtually all aspects of sales, marketing and public relations combined with a career-long record of exceeding customer and management expectations, have translated well into the employment industry. Having utilized the services of staffing agencies in her previous career, she knows the expectations of employers and employees and recognizes that only open, honest communication results in successful placements.