Looking to expand your workforce? Need to meet a short-term opportunity or manage long-term growth?

At Sandra Heath & Associates (SHA), Inc., we work hard to match your needs with the right candidate. Providing a proven talent pipeline, SHA’s unique screening process makes sure only the most viable candidates get through to you. Using the proven skill testing techniques and software, face-to-face interviews, reference and background checks, we take the guess work out of staffing.

Recognized for our commitment to clients and the local community, Sandy Heath, SHA President and Owner, is a Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist with more than 20 years experience. Sandy is directly involved in each placement and remains available to you throughout the entire process.

Our Process:

Attract Talent

At SHA we advertise and network to attract the most qualified candidates for you. There is NO Virtual Recruitment involved in our process.

Assess Skills

Once a candidate has been vetted through the interview process, we assess their skill levels, verify education and previous employment, as well as perform a criminal/background screening.

Identify Fit

We conduct telephone interviews of each applicant, followed by an in person interview. Next are skill evaluations, academic verification, employment verification/references and criminal background investigations.

Engage Placement

When the candidate is deemed a qualified fit for your organization, a recommendation package is prepared and interviews and follow up are coordinated. When you accept an SHA applicant, we arrange drug screening.


We Offer:


We have only one specialty … we work with people who work in offices. We don’t try to make a File Clerk out of an assembly line worker.


We pride ourselves on honest and open communication in every transaction.


Sandy has over 20 years in the staffing industry and is a Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist.


We can tailor reports, timesheets, etc. to suit your needs.

Individual Attention

We insist on knowing both our client companies and our applicants.


You’ll find our Permanent Placement Fees to be both flexible and reasonable.