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What’s it all about?

There was a time (bear with us for a brief nostalgic moment) when you looked in the Help Wanted section of your local newspaper, sent in your resume, or called a listed phone number, asked for an interview or asked your friends if they knew of a job opening. That time is gone. Now if you’re looking for a better job, or a different job, or a job, you can send your resume to an unknown company at a post office box, peruse the many internet job boards, or post your resume on the internet. Did you know about 80% of hires are chemistry/personality related? How can you gauge the dynamics of a company when you often don’t even know which company you are applying to? And then, there are those ads you respond to and the advertised job “has already been filled”. Unfortunately, these ads often are placed by staffing agencies to increase their people pool. Those are the type of agencies that have tarnished the image of the staffing industry.

The job search has become a whole different ballgame and now it helps if you have your own personal Public Relations firms, also known as a reputable staffing firm. The right agency can provide opportunities for you that you didn’t know existed. According to a study conducted in 1999 by economists from Harvard and Princeton, staffing firms contributed to lower unemployment by efficiently matching individuals to jobs, with shorter job searches for workers and more rapidly filled positions for employers. Sophisticated employee skills testing and training offered by reputable firms resulted in new labor market efficiencies and reduced hiring costs for employers. How many companies use staffing services you may ask? An astonishing 90% per surveys conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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